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directory Zbornici 11-May-2019 16:29 - directory cgi-bin 05-Sep-2019 19:05 - directory seminar 26-Jan-2020 09:53 - unknown KOM2016_A4_hrv.pdf 04-Nov-2016 14:26 384k unknown KOM2017_A4_hrv.pdf 14-Nov-2017 14:53 368k unknown KOM2018_A4_hrv.pdf 16-Nov-2018 08:55 360k unknown Knjiga SmartCard2016.pdf 21-Sep-2016 15:16 1776k unknown Knjiga SmartCard2016_en.pdf 21-Sep-2016 15:17 1784k unknown Knjiga_en.pdf 24-Sep-2018 11:55 9780k unknown Knjiga_hr.pdf 24-Sep-2018 11:55 9856k unknown Najava KOM2017_public.pdf 05-Oct-2017 12:00 296k unknown Najava KOM2018_public.pdf 11-Nov-2018 11:58 268k unknown Politika zaštite privatnosti i osobnih podataka.pdf 24-May-2018 10:48 200k unknown Poll results SmartCard2018.pdf 09-Oct-2018 14:29 292k unknown Pool results SmartCard2019.pdf 11-Nov-2019 07:27 124k unknown Poziv_CASE2020_hr.pdf 04-Feb-2020 13:32 5600k unknown Poziv_KOM2019_hr.pdf 08-Nov-2019 09:36 5512k unknown Poziv_Privatnost2019_hr.pdf 08-Nov-2019 09:36 4960k unknown Poziv_SmartCard2018_en.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:11 5636k unknown Poziv_SmartCard2018_hr.pdf 14-Sep-2018 06:11 5132k unknown Poziv_SmartCard2019_hr.pdf 27-Sep-2019 12:05 8220k unknown Poziv_case2018_A4.pdf 19-Feb-2018 14:28 516k unknown Poziv_case2019_A4.pdf 08-Feb-2019 08:46 564k unknown Poziv_e-biz2017_A4.pdf 05-Mar-2017 05:32 404k unknown Poziv_e-biz2018_A4.pdf 16-Mar-2018 07:58 388k unknown Poziv_e-biz2019_hr.pdf 06-Mar-2019 08:05 4528k unknown Poziv_e-biz2020_hr.pdf 12-Mar-2020 08:47 4464k unknown Prijavnica.pdf 16-Sep-2020 09:09 52k unknown Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.pdf 24-May-2018 10:48 200k unknown Rezultati ankete SmartCard2018.pdf 09-Oct-2018 14:29 300k unknown Rezultati ankete SmartCard2019.pdf 11-Nov-2019 07:20 124k unknown Rezultati_ankete_e-biz2018.pdf 23-Apr-2018 16:02 72k unknown Rezultati_ankete_e-biz2019.pdf 26-Apr-2019 06:39 144k unknown Satnica.pdf 22-Feb-2019 09:35 284k unknown Satnica_1.pdf 19-Feb-2018 14:24 332k unknown Satnica_CASE2020.pdf 22-Feb-2020 21:55 244k unknown Satnica_KOM2018_A4_hrv.pdf 22-Nov-2018 12:23 324k unknown Satnica_KOM2019_A4_hrv.pdf 22-Nov-2019 17:50 276k unknown Satnica_e-biz2017.pdf 24-Mar-2017 10:15 320k unknown Satnica_e-biz2019.pdf 25-Mar-2019 08:40 316k unknown Satnica_eng.pdf 22-Sep-2018 15:05 412k unknown Satnica_hrv.pdf 22-Sep-2018 14:58 384k unknown SmartCard2019_satnica_eng.pdf 21-Oct-2019 07:40 288k unknown SmartCard2019_satnica_hrv.pdf 21-Oct-2019 07:40 280k unknown Uvod.pdf 19-Feb-2018 14:42 152k unknown e-biz2020.pdf 12-Mar-2020 08:48 116k

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